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A Salve, made especially for your body... 

Repair and deeply hydrate any damaged parts of your body... 

Your bust, arms, stomach, thighs and buttocks are extremely sensitive parts of your body. They need intense hydration, and above all, your skin in these areas needs to be repaired. Anti-blackhead


The Body Salve is fluid and leaves your skin extremely soft. More importantly, it repairs and hydrates your skin, making it feel firmer and improving your well-being over the long term. 

With no essential oils, this unique product is perfect for all skin types, even sensitive and irritated skin. 

Use on the parts of your body which need intense repair. The Body Salve will protect and repair, every day.

The ingredients:

› Maritime Pine oil:

Rich in Vitamin E, this is the plant oil with the highest polyphenol content. These trap free radicals and protect your cells, regenerating and revitalising your skin. 

› Brazil Nut oil:

High in Selenium, a powerful anti-oxidant, this oil will soothe and soften your skin, leaving it supple. 

› Sweet almond oil,

Pure vegetable oil for increased hydration without any greasiness. It also fortifies and soothes your skin. 

• All the micro-nutrients your skin needs: 

Zinc, (purifies your skin and preserves cell youth)

Manganese, (stimulates skin regeneration, scarring and unclogging) 

Magnesium, (reduces skin stress, protects you from premature ageing), 

Copper (anti free-radical, promotes collagen synthesis)

User recommendations:

(Morning and/or Evening) After your shower, apply to any parts of your body which require intense hydration. Massage into your skin and allow it to penetrate. Your skin will be soft, and deeply hydrated and repaired.

A unique product, this will penetrate your skin without leaving a greasy film. Can be used all over your body.

(200 ml)

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