Water Care


Water Care is both a remarkable and unusual product for it not only hydrates but also treats the skin. Its uniqueness lies in a specially formulated composition that facilitates topical application. 

(Gas free aerosol can spray) 

Adhering to HERVE HERAU - The Way of Alchemy's core philosophy – Treat, Repair, Awaken - this treating water soothes and regenerates the skin, giving it the ingredients it needs. 


Renown for their unique and pure qualities, the selected components have been combined in a blend that is in total harmony with the skin. 

A high dosage of Beta-glucan is a natural skin protecting agent that

› appeases irritations

› soothes sensitive and irritated skins

› lessens & controls redness

› softens and maintains the skin's elasticity

› its as a powerful anti-oxidant (ideal after sun exposure)

Linked to

› An extract of grapefruit seeds. Known for its antiseptic and anti- inflammatory qualities, it is also a powerful natural hypoallergenic anti- oxidant that 

reinvigorates the skin, treats parasites, controls pimples and other skin rash.

It is important to note that the grapefruit seeds extract acts as a key ingredient that enhances the spring water's purity used in the Water Care composition.


› A pure mountain spring water, rich in minerals, whose ph, close to the skin's, is the principal carrier that delivers this unique blend to the skin, conferring at the same time a sense of freshness and comfort. 

«Spray Water Care on a previously cleansed skin, and let the force of nature be absorbed through millions of small droplets. Your skin will immediately experience a calming, refreshing and restructuring effect.» 

Water Care can be applied on the whole face and eyelids without any risk of irritation. 


Morning: on a previously cleansed skin, close your eyes and spray Water Care in a circular motion, taking care to keep the can at a distance of about 20cm from your face. 

Allow for absorption by the skin and follow with The Way of Alchemy gel cream skin care.

Night: apply Water Care by itself only, following the same procedure as before. Do not apply any cream.

(125 ml)