Body Cleanser Care


Inspired by the face care product, there is now Body Cleanser Care, made from entirely natural ingredients. 

Heal, repair and revitalise the skin 


At last – a complete body care product which is lightly scented and will hydrate, soften and, most importantly, repair your skin when you take a shower. 

It is rich in oat beta glucan and vitamin E from maritime pine, a marriage of two powerful antioxidants which will regenerate, soothe and hydrate the skin naturally, while getting rid of dead cells. 


soft, revitalised skin and a true sense of well-being. 

Directions for use:

In the shower, squeeze a small amount into the palm of your hand and apply it to the body in circular motions until it forms a delicate foam, leave for one minute and then rinse. 

This product is intended for the body only and is not for use on the face.

(250 ml)